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Seniors' Falls / Statistics

Richard Robert   Name: Richard Robert
Age : 51 years old
Professional Experience
Sspecialist in Teaching Second Language in High School (1988-1997)
Event Coordonator / Development Agent for Canada, USA and Europe (1998-2006) Medical Distributor ( 2007-2014 )
Marguerite Bourgeoys College - Sciences & Study of Politics
( 1986-1990 )
Concordia University TESL ( BAA in teaching )
President's Word

Life Saving Angel, Establish since 2007, Is a company whose goal has been to bring emergency assistance and security to seniors and people with reduced mobility.    

     We offer a panic-button system that enables seniors and people with reduced mobility living alone to get help quickly. By pressing a wrist-band or pendant-button you will be able to reach someone for help.  Click here to see our promotional flyer.

     The Maesto, the Concerto or the President System will automatically dial a series of telephone numbers of your choice and you will be able to have a two-way conversation explaining the emergency. Family, friends or a health care facility can send help immediately. The panic button will immediately connect to someone who could be a Life Saving Angel.

     As I am sure you know, the Quebec Health Care System is strained by many demands. As the population ages there will be still more demands to be met in the future. Helping seniors and people with reduced mobility is a top priority. Too many people have been left alone without friends and family.

     This is why we offer the panic-button-system. It can be of great help. It gives seniors and the disabled peace of mind and security in the knowledge that help is only a button push away.  
We offer you all the tools for you to become independant such as our Fall Sensor which will reacts instantly in case of a fall or an impact.  The Fall Sensor is a most for your safety !

     People with health issues and reduced mobility can have accidents at home. Living alone, will not be the dread and worry that plague many families and seniors, because the Life Saving Angel can literally, save a life.

      - no waiting for help for hours
      - no worry
      - you can be self sufficient
      - you can be independent
      - you never have to be afraid of being alone again.

With the Maesto, the Concerto and the President Home-Aid System and the help of the panic button, parents, friends, and family are able to regain their autonomy and dignity which is so necessary to everyone's quality of life.

Our Company's mission and my goal is to help people lead lives with dignity, safe and secure.

Richard Robert

All our products are certified
     The two most common FCC Certifications requirements are FCC Part 15 and FCC Part 68. Telecommunications equipment has to be tested and be in compliances with FCC Part 68. FCC Part 68 is the FCC Certification for connection to the telephone network.The other most common FCC Certification for most electronic equipment is FCC Part 15.  FCC Part 15 covers unintentional testing and evaluation as well as low power un-licensed transmitters.

     Safety testing and certification is not a FCC Certification requirement. Local states, cities, counties, and municipalities regulate the requirement for safety certification.  The Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) program is set up to cover safety certification.  It is important that manufactures cover the FCC Certification for equipment before the equipment is offered for sale in Canada and in the United States.

Customer Service

Our commitment to you: to exceed your expectations

     As a Life Saving Angel customer, you should expect nothing less than the best possible service every time you deal with one of our representatives in person, by letter, on the telephone. Our aim is to build a long-term relationship with you. The foundation of this relationship is our Service Commitment - to anticipate and exceed your expectations.
Our Service Commitment sets out the standards that our customers can expect from Life Saving Angel and that we demand of ourselves.
A simple beginning: talk openly with you wherever you do business with Life Saving Angel, you can expect us to be open and forthcoming. This applies to our written documents as well - we're working to put some of our documents in plain language, to make them easier for you to read and understand.
Compare With Different Security Providers
We invite you to compare the costs of different home security providers.
Click to consult our comparative table document :   CLICK HERE !
      Cash on delivery, also known as COD, is a method of payment for goods received, which will be delivered. Payment is given at the time delivery is accomplished. Cash on delivery doesn’t always mean “cash” as a payment, but certainly can also mean cashier’s check, credit card or personal check.
      It really depends upon the establishment from which you’re purchasing something, as to what forms of payment are acceptable.
Seniors' Falls

Falls are the second leading cause, after motor vehicle collisions, of injury-related hospitalizations for all ages, accouting for 29% of injury admissions. Almots 62% of injury-related hospitalizations for seniors are the result of falls.

The fall-related injury rate is nine times greater among seniors than among those less than 65 years of age.

Almost half of seniors who fall experience a minor injury, and 5% to 25% sustain a serious injury such as a frature or a sprain.

Falls cause more than 90% of all hip fractures in seniors and 20% die within a year of the fracture.

Families are often unable to provide care, and 40% of all nursing home admissions occur as a result of falls by older people.

Even without an injury, a fall can cause a loss in confidence and a curtailment of activities, which can lead to a decline in health and function and contribute to future falls with more serious outcomes.



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